At its heart, Riverstone is a family business. Since 1995, we’ve been family owned and run, building beautiful homes for other families across Perth and WA. While design and style lead the look that is unmistakably Riverstone, our most important consideration is always about functionality. It has to fit the needs of you and your family for now and in the years to come. That’s why we only ever commit to building a limited number of homes.

We take pride in getting the details and quality right, and providing the best customer service.”

Paul Marshall Director

Our reputation for excellence means you’re in safe hands. Led by our original founders, in partnership with the next generation, you can be sure your custom designed dream home will capture everything that Riverstone has become famous for.

Our heritage

Riverstone was created in 1995 by Mark Stratfold and Paul Marshall, who shared a desire to build luxury homes that combine great design and the highest quality build and finishes. A hallmark of early Riverstone designs was the use of limestone as a key feature. The use of stone finishes and natural materials continues to be a strong design element in almost all of our homes.

Over the years our designs may have changed but our philosophy hasn’t. By limiting the number of homes we build, we can ensure the quality of design and attention to detail and customer service.

It also means we have a small team of the very best people, some of whom have been with us from our very beginnings, so you can make the most of their knowledge and expertise in every aspect of the design and build of your home. It’s essential to us that every new home builds on our reputation for design, quality, value and service.


We’re a small team and that’s the way we like it. Most of us have been here for many years, some of us from the very beginning. We believe the service provided by our combined knowledge, experience and expertise is second to none.

From the overall vision and design, to interior styling, construction and quality of workmanship, our designers, builders and craftspeople will ensure your new home is exactly the way you want it.

Custom homes. Designed and built around you.


Riverstone has won numerous industry awards over the years. Here’s a look at our most recent wins.

RecognitionOrganisationProject / Organisation
WINNER - Custom Built Home $860k-$1.3mil2023 HIA WA Perth Housing AwardsShenton Park Residence
FINALIST - Kitchen Design of the Year2023 HIA WA Kitchen & Bathroom AwardsWembley Reserve ResidenceWembley Reserve Residence
FINALIST – Kitchen in a Display Home2022 HIA WA Kitchen & Bathroom AwardsBeatrice House
FINALIST – Display Home $850k +2022 HIA Perth Housing AwardsBeatrice House
FINALIST – Residential Interior Design of the Year2021 HIA Perth Housing AwardsTrigg Residence
WINNER – Kitchen in a Display Home $800k +2021 HIA WA Kitchen & Bathroom AwardsLennox Beach
WINNER – Kitchen in a Display Home of the Year2021 HIA WA Kitchen & Bathroom AwardsLennox Beach
FINALIST – Custom Built Home $1.2-$1.8mil2019 HIA Perth Housing AwardsGrand Hamptons (Attadale)
FINALIST - Display Home $800k+2019 HIA Perth Housing AwardsThe Cove
WINNER - Kitchen of the Year2019 HIA WA Kitchen & Bathroom AwardsThe Cove
WINNER - Kitchen in a Display Home2019 HIA WA Kitchen & Bathroom AwardsThe Cove
FINALIST - Bathroom Design2019 HIA WA Kitchen & Bathroom AwardsThe Cove
WINNER - Kitchen Design2019 HIA WA Kitchen & Bathroom AwardsGrand Hamptons (Attadale)
FINALIST - Excellence in Service - Medium Builder2018 HIA Perth Housing AwardsRiverstone Custom Homes

We are one of Perth’s leading custom home builders for a reason. You.”

Paul Marshall Director

asked questions


01 What is your price per square metre?

This is a tricky question for us as everything we design and build is custom. We do not have a set price per m2, and the m2 rate can vary dramatically based on specification, design, and complexities of the site. Before starting any design work considerable time and effort is placed preparing a design, so that we can assess if expectations and budget can be met.

02 What is included with Riverstone?

Riverstone offers a fully completed price that allows you to move in to a finished home, which is not the case with a lot of other builders. There are no hidden extras – everything from siteworks through to light fittings is included.

03 Our block doesn’t suit a standard design. Will your designer work to our site’s requirements?

Of course! Our designer will quite often visit your block to get a feel for the site and the project. Everything we do is custom designed and built to suit the site and client’s needs, there are no repeat or standard designs.

04 I thought Riverstone only built with limestone?

Although working with limestone is where we started, we made a decision to expand and respond to our customers tastes and needs, which isn’t always limestone. Be it a traditional limestone cottage style house, a weatherboard Hamptons style home, or an innovative modern design, our team are experienced across all design and styles and will custom design to suit.

05 Can you make sure there is lots of storage built into my new house?

Definitely. There are plenty of storage opportunities and clever tricks we can use to design storage space options in your new home, eg, roof space attics, hidden study/library cupboards, telephone and bill nooks, overhead kitchen cabinets, etc.

06 I want to make sure the house suits our needs not just now, but into the future. How do we make the design last?

We put a lot of fore thought into our designs to ensure there is longevity in your home. For example, creating an opulent guest suite on an alternate level can double as a future master when you decide to give the kids some space or become reluctant to use the stairs.

07 Do you offer an Interior Design service?

Yes. This is standard in our contract, so you will be provided support from our talented Interior Architect when making your selections.

Floreat Residence

  • Bedrooms 3
  • Bathrooms 2 + Powder
  • Defining features Single storey downsizer design, feature limestone

North Beach Residence

  • Bedrooms 5
  • Bathrooms 2 Bath + Powder
  • Defining features 4 Car UC Garage, Pool

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