What does your dream home look like?

Jun 14, 2018

Every home starts with a blank page

We individually design every home we build.

At Riverstone, we can achieve the impossible! We’ll design and build your dream home, on your specific site, to your budget.

That’s a lot of things to get right – which is why we’re not in the business of building thousands of generic homes. Every home we build is custom.

Why a custom builder?

Well, because your family is unique. Your needs as a family (now and in the future) are important to us, so we take the time to listen to what those needs are and design a home that’s going to fit you and your growing family for years to come.

We design homes which will compliment your block, your individual lifestyle, and add value to the property.

How do we do it?

We can’t build your dream home if we don’t know what your dreams are made of, and the perfect home is only perfect if it’s in the right place.

Landing it

The orientation of the site is of the utmost importance. A house without optimum orientation won’t make the most of nature’s gifts by embracing the characteristics of the seasons. On a practical note, it will also cost you more to heat and cool than a house that is designed taking orientation into consideration.

The land is the appreciating factor, in our designs we look to balance the value of your land with the home’s value to give our clients the best investment opportunity.

The process starts with a site visit and a copy of the survey of the property. It’s futile giving you your dream home on paper! We need to make sure it’s functional and attractive on your block.

Just briefly

Then a full design briefing is conducted, including as much information as possible about how your family lives. Questions like; “How many, and what ages are your children?” “Do you have any extended family living with you, or is that a future reality?” “How do you like to entertain?” are vital to know. As well as the amenities your family needs, how long you think you’ll live there, your building time frame, and of course your budget.

Not to mention any style preferences you and your family might have!

We encourage sharing as much information as possible with us about what you want your home to be. You won’t believe the things we can achieve for you!

Need a big laundry with a huge island in the middle to fold washing? One client did, and we made this a reality. If it’s going to help enhance your lifestyle and make you love coming home, we’re excited to include these touches for you.

We’ve been asked to add all manner of things; built-in dog baths, saunas, mud rooms, a reading nook in a stairwell, and even a secret communication study room off the master bedroom, to house one client’s extensive IT setup! Very James Bond.

What will your dream home look like?

The total process is about getting the best possible result for your lifestyle as reflected in your new home.

Get in touch with our dedicated team, we can’t wait to see what your dream home looks like in reality!


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