Luxury living turned upside down

Apr 11, 2018

“Every home at Riverstone starts with a blank piece of paper,” says Co-Owner Tim Marshall, “We take the clients brief and design from scratch.”.

On a recent build in the suburb of Mullaloo, the clients brief was to focus first on family comfort, and then on ocean-side living. To accommodate both components of the brief Riverstone utalised a reverse living plan.

What is a reversed living plan?

A reversed living plan, or ‘upper living’ as it’s sometimes known, is where the main shared spaces of the home are on the first floor, rather than the customary design which would see them be present on the ground floor.

This is done to make the most of the outlook – ensuring that the view is able to be appreciated in the areas of the home that the family spends the most time, rather than the bedrooms.

This type of design is gaining popularity, and is worth considering for your family if your site warrants it.

Why the reversal?

By moving the master suite, kitchen, dining and study areas upstairs to the first floor, the incredible coastal views of this particular block were maximised in the parts of the home that the family spends the most time.

The children’s bedrooms are downstairs. And there’s also plenty of space for living –  such as a gym and a sitting room, offering both parents and children (or guests) space of their own, as well as perfectly functional shared spaces.

“This house is obviously really luxurious but what I really love about it is it’s incredibly practical for this family.” Says Building and Design Consultant Diane Wainwright.

“It’s a very personal thing, not just about four walls and a roof. It’s about comfort, and a family that can grow and develop together in a home.”

As this family grows in their new home, the space and privacy offered by the unique and practical design will accommodate the children staying at home longer (as is the emerging trend) as many of the caveats of adult home life, will be negated through the reverse nature of the home.

“They’ve got heaps of driveway, heaps of parking for when the kids get a car each.” states Riverstone Co-Owner Mark Stratfold.

“We do everything we possibly can to meet the design brief. What people want, their vision, their dreams.”

By ensuring every possible measure was taken to maximise the core brief of family comfort and coastal living, this family will happily live together for years, enjoying the spectacular coastal views from their shared first floor spaces.

What does your dream home look like? Have you struggled to find it? Maybe you need to build it with your specific needs at the heart of the design!

Call Riverstone today to speak with one of our Design Consultants about how we can design and build your family’s perfect home – combining great value, luxury and function.


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