Invest in Western Australia’s perfect ocean views

Apr 11, 2018

Investing in the West Australian identity makes sense; why live in Australia’s sunniest city with arguably the best beaches in the world if you can’t make the most of it?

Designed with the beach in mind

Finding the right block in the right coastal area is only the first step. The design is paramount. You have to design the home specifically for the family that’s going to live there, so their lifestyle needs are met now and into the future. You must also design the home to maximise the property, including the aspect, orientation, and size of your block.

Our Design team works closely with our clients to ensure they make the most of their location.

The clients who own our stunning display home in Mullaloo really wanted to make sure the beach was incorporated into the home’s design. Building & Design Consultant Diane Wainwright said “the interaction between the home and the beach is really important to them and this design really makes the block work.”

Upside down?

This client also opted for a reverse, or upside down, living plan. This brings the master suite, kitchen and main living areas from the ground floor and elevates them onto the first floor. This capitalises on ocean views, while creating separate living quarters for children or guests in the downstairs area.

Imagine being able to enjoy your view of the ocean from the main shared spaces of the home, rather than being relegated to the upstairs bedrooms?

Inside out?

One way to further maximise your enjoyment of outdoor coastal living in WA is the creation of an outdoor kitchen.

Long gone are the days of a simple deck barbeque!

Riverstone can design an outdoor kitchen you’ll use as often as the one indoors, creating the perfect space for entertaining guests or enjoying delicious meals in the sea breeze.

An outdoor entertaining area further accentuates a home’s outlook, by not only bringing your occasions outside but by providing a scenic ocean backdrop.

Your coastal dream home is a reality

An investment in a coastal property is an investment in the West Australian lifestyle, and Riverstone are here to build your unique expectations into the perfect luxury home.

A place where you can entertain the WA way, impressing your guests and ensuring the perfect event every time – but more than that, you and your family can live this lifestyle every day!

If you would like to learn more about building with Riverstone, get in touch with one of our Building and Design Consultants today and see how we can help you make the most of your beachside dream.


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