How to build a future proof home

Mar 19, 2018

Our goal when building a family’s new home is to create a space they will love, and call home for decades. Planning is imperative when building a futureproof home, and this is where our Building & Design consultants come in.

“It’s my job to really get inside the minds of my client and find out exactly what they want to do in their future.” explains Diane Wainwright, one of our Building & Design Consultants.

“Having my own family helps me to understand what customers might need. I meet with them and work out what they require – it’s not always what they initially thought.”

It is important for our clients to feel just as comfortable in their home 20 in years as they do on the first night. Through careful planning and quality construction, Riverstone provides this in every custom home.


Even the most minimalist among us will still acquire clutter, especially when raising a family. As children grow, so to do the number and complexity of their possessions, and it is important there is adequate storage for growing libraries, closets and toy boxes.

By looking to the future when building, we can provide stylish built-in solutions that will ensure your family, and their possessions, never outgrow your home.


We are currently seeing the popularity of the Hamptons style, which feature timeless, classic silhouettes and colours. The Hamptons style is categorised by its rendered brickwork, timber accents, and light, neutral colour palette.

When playing to trends, being mindful of how this will look in five or ten years is incredibly important. The neutral palette of the Hampton’s style will seamlessly update when you wish to re-vamp the interior of your home – or inevitably when trends change.


Using high quality finishings while building will save you money in the long run.

The longevity of a home, in addition to the planning and layout; will come down to the quality of the materials and workmanship that has gone into building it.

As an example, when choosing the hardest wood possible for your flooring, the regular wear and tear of foot traffic in your home will be less apparent.

We pride ourselves on implementing exceptionally high standards throughout and always recommend and build with the best products available.


Bearing these tips in mind will set you on the road to futureproofing your home – and making sure your investment works to your family’s advantage with a home that grows with you.

We want you to enjoy every minute of living in a Riverstone home, and our team has the expertise to make sure that’s a reality.


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