From little things big things grow

Mar 19, 2018

In 1995 when Paul Marshall and Mark Stratfold started Riverstone, it was unfathomable that only 23 years later they would be building 32 homes at a time, employing a staff of 22 and more than 400 contractors.

Quality building and customer service have been the centre of the business since day one, leading Riverstone to its success.

“We rely on customers having a good experience.” states Mark Stratfold.

“You give a great experience to a person, and they recommend us. That’s the reality of Riverstone. I am proud of the homes we build.”

Riverstone is still very much a small family business in the way it operates, and now several Paul and Mark’s children are also a part of the team.

Paul’s son Tim started at Riverstone as a teenager. He grew with the company and knows it inside and out. He’s spent his career working with Mark to improve and expand the business; but has never lost sight of the client first, quality-based mantra that has kept Riverstone resilient to Perth’s ‘boom and bust’ environment.

Riverstone clients are offered a complete design service, where we’re able to focus on every detail of the build from exterior cladding and paint colours, to fabric selection for built in benches.

Building & Design Consultant Diane Wainwright says “It’s my job to really get inside the minds of my client and find out exactly what they want to do in their future.”

Diane and the other Consultants helpsclients build future proof-homes that keep families in stylish comfort for many years to come.

By being upfront with clients about their design options and the costs of building the home of their dreams, Riverstone are able to ensure each project meets the needs of their discerning clients.

There are no hidden costs, what you see is what you get.

Mark explains:

“You might get a cheaper quote from someone else – but when it’s all finished, and you didn’t understand the cost of this and that is extra, you’ll pay more. We are upfront, we pride ourselves on not necessarily quoting the cheapest – but always quoting the end figure.”

With Riverstone, the client always comes first, and this isn’t lip service. Everything we do is custom – so it’s designed for your family.

At Riverstone you’ll deal with owners, family, and long-term staff who genuinely care about how you want to live.

Our priority is making your dream home come to life.


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