Creating Your Dream Home – One Room At A Time

Jul 25, 2018

Sometimes it’s hard to visualise in your head how your newly built home is going to look.

All of our builds are one-off, custom designed homes, we don’t repeat homes or sell plans – which means you get a truly unique home, custom built for you and your family. It also means that you can’t walk through the house before it’s built, to get a feel of how the rooms will look, where the furniture will sit, if that hallway will feel wide enough, will my kitchen selections look right in the space… the list can be over whelming!

To help with our custom design and build process for one client, we created a series of rendered images for various rooms in their new home, so they could understand how each space will look and work in the context of the whole house. 

These images were created from the working drawings and 3D models we do for all of our custom homes, and also took into account the client’s selections and interior scheme, to really try and nail what the finished house will look like and to help our client visualise their dream home.

This particular home is a Hamptons style, grand home, traditional with a sophistacted, elegant finish. This home will come to life over the coming months during the build process, and we can’t wait to see the finished product.


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