What is your price per square metre?

This is a tricky question for us as everything we design and build is custom. We do not have a set price per m2, and the m2 rate can vary dramatically based on specification, design, and complexities of the site. Before starting any design work considerable time and effort is placed preparing a design, so that we can assess if expectations and budget can be met.

What is included with Riverstone?

Riverstone offers a fully completed price that allows you to move in to a finished home, which is not the case with a lot of other builders. There are no hidden extras – everything from siteworks through to light fittings is included.

Our block doesn’t suit a standard design. Will your designer work to our site’s requirements?

Of course! Our designer will quite often visit your block to get a feel for the site and the project. Everything we do is custom designed and built to suit the site and client’s needs, there are no repeat or standard designs.

I thought Riverstone only built with limestone?

Although working with limestone is where we started, we made a decision to expand and respond to our customers tastes and needs, which isn’t always limestone. Be it a traditional limestone cottage style house, a weatherboard Hamptons style home, or an innovative modern design, our team are experienced across all design and styles and will custom design to suit.

Can you make sure there is lots of storage built into my new house?

Definitely. There are plenty of storage opportunities and clever tricks we can use to design storage space options in your new home, eg, roof space attics, hidden study/library cupboards, telephone and bill nooks, overhead kitchen cabinets, etc.

I want to make sure the house suits our needs not just now, but into the future. How do we make the design last?

We put a lot of fore thought into our designs to ensure there is longevity in your home. For example, creating an opulent guest suite on an alternate level can double as a future master when you decide to give the kids some space or become reluctant to use the stairs.

Do you offer an Interior Design service?

Yes. This is standard in our contract, so you will be provided support from our talented Interior Architect when making your selections.