Riverstone Lookbook: Glamour

Thursday, June 8th, 2017
Posted by Anna

With its glamorous aesthetic, this style reflects classic European architecture – think high ceilings, decorative mouldings and accents of metallic, especially gold and burnished tones. This is a style with a slight feminine touch, with marble and statement stone features adding grandeur.


When thinking of scale, think GRAND - over the top, exaggerated scales can really work to glam up a space, like this grand staircase with statement stone first step and wide hallway.

Applying a lacquered gloss or sheen to finishes, such as cabinets or the flooring, will also add a luxury, glamorous touch. Fireplaces too, are always glamorous in a modern setting - picture sitting around the fireplace in a seperate sitting or lounge area, or even having a meal in front of the fire in the family dining area.


Patterns, layers and rich fabrics such as velvet create an understated opulence, as characterised by the work of interior designer Greg Natale. The use of chandeliers and long, flowy drapery is almost always associated with a glamourous design finish.

Part of being glamourous is taking risks, so this a bold choice for your home! But done right, and mixed with some modern choices, it can have a beautiful and striking effect.



Thursday, June 8th, 2017
Posted by Anna

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